Wednesday, March 28, 2007


As some of you already know, Achewood is the only inter-web comic that I read regularly. That's because it's the only one I really like. Anyway, yesterday's really made me laugh, so go read it here.


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Sunday, March 25, 2007


I followed Rilla's advice and watched "Stranger Than Fiction", and it was the best movie that I'd seen in quite a long time. I don't buy movies, but I'm going to buy that one. And speaking of buying DVDs, I picked up season 4 of "Home Movies"! Now we'll have some new viewing material for our next Pizza Club meeting, whenever that will be. I hope it will be soon, but you never know, do you?

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Awesome and Weird

This was awesome.

This was weird.


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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lousy Farmers

I was an hour late for work today. First person to figure out why wins a dollar.


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Friday, March 09, 2007

Jim Hughson and John Garrett Made 3 Boob Jokes

As you probably don't know, the Canucks have a player named Jeff Cowan, who has 6 goals all year. But Cowan got those 6 goals in his last four games, and a couple of games ago, women started throwing bras on the ice when he scored goal. Which is AWESOME. Anyway, Jim Hughson, doing commentary on tonight's game, told the viewers what I just told you, except he didn't actually use the word "awesome". The show then continued like this:

Jim: "Thought it was important to keep you abreast of the situation".
John: "He didn't get a pair last night, though".
Jim: "Still, it was a titillating performance".

I laughed, because I like things like that during a live broadcast. Like when Jason Maas said "fucking" during a post-game interview on CBC a couple of years ago, and nobody complained or made a stink. It was weird. I thought for sure somebody would be outraged, but it got zero coverage, like everybody just decided to let that one slide. 'Course, it was a CFL broadcast, so there probably weren't too many sober viewers.


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Dream Job

I want to be this guy SO BAD.


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Thursday, March 08, 2007

New things

I have some new things, and I'd like to tell you about them. Thing 1: My new phone. Most of you know about this already, but after two months, I broke down and got a telephone. It's ok, I guess. I can play golf on it, and it plays "No Rain" whenever someone calls me, so that's cool. Thing 2: New job. I'm starting a new job at a place called the Windward. It will be part time for the first couple of weeks, but if things work out, I'll have the opportunity for full-time hours. It seems like a pretty cool place, and the owner and manager both seem like good guys, AND it's only 5 blocks from my house, AND they're offering me more money than I'm making at my current job, so it should be alright. If things go the way I hope they will, I won't have to keep working at Moxie's. The novelty has worn off on that place. It's not a bad job, it's just boring. And I hate taking the bus, man. It sucks. There aren't many things that suck harder than waiting in the rain for a bus that will take you some place you don't want to go.

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Friday, March 02, 2007

I'm gonna Talk About Hockey

Ok, I'm gonna talk about hockey for a while. If you don't like/don't care about hockey, go away and never read my blog ever again. EVER. I'm seriously.

First of all, the General Manager's meetings were a little over a week ago. I wish that I had been there, because I'd like to ask them some questions.

1. How can you say that having some games worth 3 points while others are only worth 2 makes sense? If two teams play a 3-point game, isn't that unfair to the other 28 teams? And Why should losing in the final seconds of regulation be different than losing in the opening moments of overtime?

2. Overtime. Isn't it the most exciting hockey to watch? So, why don't we have 10 minutes of 4-on-4, instead of 5 minutes, since it's the best hockey we get to see anyway? Plus, we'd see fewer shootouts.

3. Shootouts. If we could find a way to have less of them, wouldn't that be better? Doesn't a shootout seem like an asinine way to decide a the winner of a team sport? Neither the NFL nor the CFl decides a winner with a field-goal kicking contest (though that might be better than the current CFL overtime rules). The NBA doesn't settle ties with a free-throw contest or a dunk competition.

Actually, I think baseball does it right. You want a winner? Play until somebody wins. You don't want to play until somebody wins? Then it's a TIE. That's what's right, because that's what's fair. Shouldn't we be more concerned with what's fair than with what entertains the fans? Besides, every time I hear somebody say "the fans love shootouts", I get mad. I'm a fan, and I hate shootouts. And I'm not the only one.

Maybe it's because, as a Canadian hockey fan, I'm still haunted by the "Ghosts of Shootouts Past". I don't know. It just seems like a terribly unfair way to lose. Even if it is worth a point. It also seems like an awfully unfair way to win. A team that wins in a shootout didn't play a better game, and didn't deserve that extra point.

Second, the trade deadline.

I liked what Pittsburgh did, but I still think they're a couple of years away from being real contenders. The playoffs are different, and as good as the Pens are, I don't think they're good enough, yet. Besides, their blueline isn't good enough.

San Jose did well getting Guerin, and I think he'll look pretty good on a line with Thornton and Cheechoo. And since they didn't get any help in goal, Montreal should have traded Souray, because they won't make the playoffs this year. They aren't a bad team, but they're not good enough to win with mediocre goaltending, and they havn' even been getting THAT since Huet got hurt.

Detroit did alright, though I think that Kyle Calder will make more of a difference than Todd Bertuzzi. Remember, you heard it here first. I've never liked Kieth Tkatchuk, and I've never liked the Thrashers, so I hope they miss the playoffs. And I don't know why everybody is so shocked that Ryan Smyth got traded. Everybody knows that Kevin Lowe plays hardball. Just ask Mike Comrie. And in the long run, the reputation that Lowe is building for himself will serve him well, and it will serve the Oilers well, too. Just look at what Lou Lamiorello has done with the Devils.

One last thing. I saw the Leafs beat the Devils tonight, and I also saw the late hit that Janssen put on Kaberle. The next time that Toronto and NJ hook up, I want to watch, because shit is gonna go down. Tucker will be back by then, and he'll get all crazy...imagine if the Leafs manage to get into the playoffs, and they're matched up against the Devils in the first round? That would be sweet.

That's all for now,


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