Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Weekend

Lemme tell you 'bout my weekend. First, I got WAAY too much Vitamin D, and my shoulders are so cooked that I could probably heat my own bathwater. Second, I spent most of the weekend drinking beer in boats, which is among the awesomest things you can do. Third, we got pulled over by the Conversation Officers, who asked us to count our lifejackets, whether or not we had a bailing bucket and a whistle, and whether or not there were beers in the cooler (Our answer, "Not anymore!", was apparently the right one, because we didn't get tickets).

Fourth, I caught my first fish in like a decade, which was pretty cool, except he was just a little jack, and we weren't gonna keep him, but he decided to be a real pain in the ass and swallow the hook, which wound up actually coming out through his gill, so we had to cut the line and pull the damn thing all the way through, so it wound up being a lot more work than I like to do. Fishing can be such a pain in the ass. Still, I was in a boat and I had a beer, so it was a pretty good time.

Fifth, Adam's new puppy got bit in the nose by a fish. Adam caught one, and the puppy was curious, and it started to lick the fish's face, and the fish bit him right on the schnozz, and the dog let out the loudest, most pitiful yelp that I ever heard. It was hilarious because it's one of those things that you see happening in your mind right before it happens in real life, and I was all "check it out, that fish is gonna bite that dog", and then he DID, and then I laughed.

There was probably a lot more stuff that happened, but that's all I feel like typing right now. I'm'a go rub some aloe on my red bits.


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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Wiener Dog