Sunday, July 16, 2006

I ate two pieces of pie.

So. Yesterday, Terry didn't show up for work. He phoned me and he told me that he couldn't make it, so I worked twelve hours instead of six. But Terry, good guy that he is, told me that he would work all day Saturday, so I could take the day off. I said "sure". So today, I didn't have to go to work, and as a result, I had the best day ever.

I slept in. Then I drank beer on Katie's boat. Then, I came home and had supper with my mom and my friend Pav, who's been up here for the last week or so. We drank a bottle of Polish* vodka that had been flavoured with sweetgrass. Then, we went to the bar and had more drinks and watched the hypnotist show at Macintosh Point. Then we went to my friend Jackie's and drank more beer.

By the time we ran out of booze at Jackie's, it was roughly 5:00 AM. Since I had to work in the morning, Pav and I got a boat-ride home from Adam. Pav was standing up in the front of the boat, so Adam cut the engine and pitched Pav head-first into the lake. I felt kind of bad for laughing, because it was kind of mean of Adam to dump Pav into the lake, but it was also pretty goddamn funny, and I'm pretty sure that Pav will neither remember his dunking nor read this blog, so whatever. No provable harm, no punishable foul.

When we got home, we discovered that my mom, who's awesome, baked some pies while we were out. Pav and I each took a piece of pie, but then Pav passed out, so I ate both my pie and his pie. Not only did I have an awesome day, I also had the extreme pleasure of eating someone else's Saskatoonberry pie right before bed.

leave 'er out with her beaver out,


*Is it just me, or is it weird that "poe-lish" and "paw-lish" are spelled the same?