Thursday, June 23, 2011


My friend Rilla reminded me that I have a blog, so this is me using it again. Lots has happened since the last time I wrote in this thing, so let me, there is too much. Let me sum up.

Rhinkeberger finally finished its' album, bizarrely titled "Dust My Clock", and it feels great to have it done. I'm happy with the way it sounds, and people seem to like it, so yay. Basically every person that's heard it has said, "This is way better than I expected", which I never quite know how to take, because I have no way of knowing what they were expecting, but whatevers. I like it, and if you don't, then Track #8 is for you.

I quit my job to spend the summer at the lake. Not an easy choice, but I'm comfortable with it, and I'm excited about the opportunities that walk hand-in-hand with freedom.

I bought a totally bitchin' bicycle, and I love it the most. I used to only ride my bike when I needed to get someplace, but now I ride my bike even if I have nowhere to go. It is super-mega-funtimes, and his name is Cycle Jackson.

I had a birthday, and I celebrated with food and drink and friends, and it made me immensely happy.

There's probably lots of other great stuff that's happened to me, but it's literally impossible for me to remember even half of the stuff that happens to me in an average day, so this is all you get for now. If I remember some other stuff, maybe I'll tell you about it.

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